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Now Selling Vinoprin and Vindure 900

September 21st, 2011

Robinson Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that we are now selling two new nutritional supplements in addition to already selling a variety of the Nordic Naturals Fish Oils product line.

The first product, Vinoprin, is an “all-natural extract from American Hops that provides fast-acting, all-day relief from ordinary aches and pains.”

  • Amazing Health Benefits from Hops Extracts
  • Reduces pain causing enzymes
  • Supports the body’s natural inflammatory response
  • May promote bone health
  • Easy on the stomach
Red Wine
  • Vinoprin Science:  The alpha acids in Vinoprin block the COX-2 enzymes in the body, which cause inflammation and pain as a response to injury and irritation. But they only partly block the COX-1 enzymes, preventing possible digestive and cardiovascular problems. This makes Vinoprin gentle enough to take every day.


  • All-natural relief from everyday aches and pains:  Vinoprin™ is based on an extract from American hops, grown in Oregon and Washington, which are mostly used to give beer its distinct flavor. Hops have been used medicinally for thousands of years for pain relief, as a sleep aid, and to alleviate symptoms of Menopause. Modern technology has allowed us to extract only the pain relief components from hops, using a patented process that eliminates the need for any toxic chemicals. 
  • Supplement Facts
  • For further information please visit or

The second supplement, Vindure 900, is made from resveratrol, which comes from red wine. It is resveratrol that has been shown to slow down the aging process and help prevent age-related diseases including heart disease, cancer, alzheimers, diabetes, and others. Vindure 900 contains the perfect blend of red wine grape extract from the Bordeaux region of France, fortified with pure Resveratrol and quercetin.  Each Vindure 900 tablet contains 400mg of Vinomis Red Wine Grape Extract, in addition to pure Resveratrol and Quercetin. It has all the benefits of drinking 1-3 glasses of red wine (depending on the variety), without the alcohol or its calories.


  • Two glasses of wine a day helps to reduce quantity of fat in liver. In this study at Basque University in Spain, 10mg of red grape polyphenols given to mice significantly reduced liver fat deposits, a precursor to liver diseases. More…
  • Human study shows multiple benefits of daily red wine grape extract. Red wine grape extract is the first natural ingredient having an effect on physical performance and cell oxygenation, scientifically demonstrated on humans. This 2007 study was performed on French athletes. More…
  • Mounting Evidence Shows Red Wine Antioxidant Kills Cancer. ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2008) — Univerity of Rochester researchers showed for the first time that a natural antioxidant found in grape skins and red wine can help destroy pancreatic cancer cells by reaching to the cell’s core energy source, or mitochondria, and crippling its function. More…
  • You don’t need alcohol to get the benefits of red wine. The Mayo Clinic reports that the flavenoids, especially resveratrol, in grape skins and seeds can reduce the risk of blood clots, reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol, prevent damage to blood vessels in your heart, and help maintain healthy blood pressure. More…
  • Grape extract may help alleviate bad breath??? Extracts from grapes may exert an antimicrobial effect and reduce levels of bad-breath and periodontitis-causing bacteria, according to a 2008 University of Bordeaux study. More…





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